Calm in the waves

The peace I find in the crashing of the waves, the rush of the water, the sound of leaves rustling.  Soothing.  Grounding. Centred.  It’s my happy place.  My serenity.  In this place, is my silence.  Beautiful.  Paused.  Rejoicing.  True.  Honest. Restored.  Nurture yourself; your spirit, body, mind, soul.  Allow yourself time to reflect, relax, rest.  Respect yourself enough to treat it kindly and it will love you in return.  

In health and encouragement,



I Travel This Road …

This road.  Where the sky is a wide, open space.  Where the blue is radiant.  

Where the clouds re-invent themselves in minutes.  Where the hills roll.  Where the highway bends and curls.  

Where the river flows.  Where there is Peace of mind.  Where it is Nurtured.  Where I am Quieted in the journey. Where the Peace is.   
 “Now faith is assurance of things hoped for, proof of things not seen. For by this, the elders obtained testimony. By faith, we understand that the universe has been framed by the word of God, so that what is seen has not been made out of things which are visible.”  Hebrews 11:1-3 

Sunday Blessings.


the Journey

I’ve done more searching, pondering, research in the last few weeks than I’ve done in years and the feeling I have is nothing but UNSETTLED.  I ask myself what does that mean?  Rattled from diving deep into unchartered mind territory?  Exposing uncertainties which I have always believed to be truth? I seek.  I am aware.  I love.  

This journey of life we are on… It’s incredible.  It’s beautiful.  It’s rewarding.  It’s sacrificial.  It’s tender.  It’s light.  It’s encouraging.  It’s personal.  But it’s also complex.  It’s contradictory.  It’s heavy.  It’s challenging.  It’s personal.  

So where in this life lies truth.  Truth is in the Journey.  We live it.  Faith is in our hearts.  Faith is in our minds.  The Journey is apparent, beautiful and alive.  Enjoy the journey; travel with awareness, thoughtfulness, acceptance and love. 

Blessings ❤️


A Pastor’s Apology To The Single Community

This is incredibly well said. Hope it sparks some reflection and insight; I know it did for me.


john pavlovitz


This is a message to all those who are single or who have spent any years in the Church as a single person.

As a pastor who has served in local church ministry for the past 17 years, I wanted to apologize to you on behalf of so many of us who minister and who too often have failed you.

I am deeply sorry.

I’m sorry for the ways we unintentionally distanced you from community; the times that we overlooked your deep needs and your unique challenges as we planned and prepared.

I’m sorry for the times we relegated you to the segregated ghettos of Singles Ministry, making you feel that was enough to hold you over until you eventually graduated from your relational purgatory.

I’m sorry for the times you felt like an afterthought in our worship services. 

I’m sorry for the times you felt unwelcome or extraneous in our small groups.

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His beautiful creation

How can we not look around and see God’s hand in nature?  The simplicity of waves of clouds.  The beauty of a sunset over rolling green hills.  The rush of a magnificent waterfall flowing into the peace of water channels and rivers.  All around us we are shown God’s incredible creation if we just take the time to recognize and enjoy it.        

I love nature.  Green.  The flow of a body of water soothes my soul.  Grounds me.  I hear the power in water.  I hear the power of God.  

My heart is connected.  My mind is engaged.  My faith is nurtured.  

Take these moments, quiet yourself.  Listen. Pray.  Don’t forget these little moments and enjoy God’s glory in this world.  

 “Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.

–Psalm 37:5



Planting Life

How simple is can be.  The purest of moments.  Enjoying the sunshine.  The heat on your face.  Giggling children.  Planting gardens.  Growing.  Learning.  Loving.  Living.  Truly beautiful.  Smiles.  Love.  Embracing simple moments is what it’s all about.  Sharing stories.  Sharing memories.  Thankful.  Blessed.   


Learning His Will 

As I pondered life, direction and purpose; I’ve come to realize more and more that I alone, do not have the answers.  I often feel as though if I planned more, saved more, sacrificed more, loved deeper or tried harder that life would be more purpose driven.  But only through this constant dedication have I realized that I am not the answer.  That the work of the Holy Spirit in me is the answer.  I am a Christ believing, prayer speaking, church going, small group attending, loving Christian; but I do not feel full.  There’s a void.  Hallow.  Eager.   Undecided.  Doubtful.  Void.  

We live a very blessed life.  A beauty family, food, a home, love, health and safety; but in the midst of all this I feel that the comforts we have been surrounded by have interfered with our determination to live a life striving to share the gospel.  I’m beginning to understand the confliction that being comfortable in life creates and that it is actually a burden to our purpose as living sacrifices sharing God’s word, living God’s Work and cultivating community.  

So what does this mean exactly?  How do we step outside this comfort box we’ve created with all the luxuries we have and learn to put our trust in Christ? How do we accomplish and pursue the radical transformation that we desire the Holy Spirit to work in us?  How do we know what our “calling is”?  How do we know what’s “too” radical?  Is there “too” radical if we are living for Christ?  

So I pray.  I worship.  I read.  I rest.  I breathe.  I praised God for his beauty in this world.  I pray for doors to open.  For doors to close.  For peace in decision. For calm in his certainty.  And I wait patiently. 

 “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”  Proverbs 19:21